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Ceiling Molding by Staircase

Money Saving Design and Pre-construction Services

Frequently, D.L.I. Incorporated of Lake Worth, Florida, is called upon during the bid phase to work with the contractors and owners in order to discover ways of saving the client’s money by bringing the project within the original budget without sacrificing intent. We are always willing to provide our preconstruction and value engineering services during negotiations of final pricing for the project.

Design and Build Services

In order to accelerate a project schedule, D.L.I. Incorporated is often called upon to attend design meetings, offering input on construction methods and material selections. Our management team has an extensive background in monumental construction, making it easy to understand the designer’s intent and concerns.

Preconstruction Services

Our years of expertise are invaluable to the construction estimator or project manager tasked with providing their client a budget. D.L.I. Incorporated works closely with project engineers on shop-assembled products to ensure maximum field efficiency for tightly scheduled projects.

Contact us to save money and time on your next project by enlisting our design and pre-construction services.